Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Unbelievable HD  Movie @ PinupFiles!
Aug 15th, 2012

"Big Boobs GoPro!"

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"As some of you may remember, a while back we got a little GoPro camera, which is really cool and has some truly fun applications, not the least of which is that it has a  fantastic wide-angle lens that is perfect for those lovely close-ups that we like to do here, because it really emphasizes the big boobs that all our big breasted babes here at PinupFiles have (check out the one that 34G Monica Mendez did for us a while back -- it will blow your big boob loving mind!) and makes them look absolutely massive!  And isn't that the point after all?  Well, the good news is that 34G Andrea Marquez is here to give us a GoPro gander at her huge tits and boy do they look awesome in this one. Then again, any hot busty babe who looks like Andrea is going to look awesome, but this one is especially hot!"

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